InfoCamp is community-run and relies on the generous help of sponsors to continue fostering great conversations year after year.

How does sponsorship benefit you? First of all (and most importantly, in our opinion), you get to show that you are a community leader who invests in the kind of collaboration and innovation that come out of InfoCamp. Participants come away excited about new ideas and solutions to try; you can be a visible part of making that happen. Second, InfoCamp is a great opportunity for both recruitment and networking since it brings together people from a variety of disciplines at many different stages of their careers. Additionally, Infocamp sponsorship is tax-deductible.

And of course, there are tangible benefits as well:

Discovery Magnuson Seward Volunteer*
Contribution $1500 + $1000 + $500 + Up to $500
 Premium logo placement on website  x
 Sidebar logo placement on website x  x
 Special thanks on blog x x  x
 Special mention in event program x
 Logo and website URL in event program x
 Exhibitor’s table x x
 Thank-you mention on Twitter and Facebook x x  x  x
 Tickets to InfoCamp 4 2  1

If you would like to sponsor InfoCamp 2015, please email us at If you think your company may be interested in sponsoring InfoCamp, feel free to forward our sponsorship brochure to the appropriate person. Thank you!

*The Volunteer level also includes in-kind sponsorship and donations.