InfoCamp is an unconference, which means participants set the agenda and lead the sessions. Most of this happens the day of the conference, but this year you will also have the chance to float ideas and generate interest for sessions in advance.
InfoCamp is different.  You can give a lecture if you want (and that is a good format for some presentations), but you can also lead a discussion, make a project, get critiques of an idea, and so much more. Remember, the people in the room will range in experience from interested but unfamiliar, potentially to regional or national expert. InfoCamp is different. There are no rules to break. So break them anyway.

How do I sign up to lead a session?

InfoCamp Seattle session sign-ups will happen in person throughout the day. The session slots are first-come, first-served. Sessions are pitched twice during the event, in the morning for AM sessions and at the beginning of the afternoon for PM sessions. There are no formal sign-ups, and everyone is welcome to pitch a session. If for some reason you need a specific time slot for your session, let the organizers know during the appropriate pitch and we’ll accommodate you as best we can.

If you already know what you want to pitch, you’re welcome to share your presentation ahead of time and we’ll post it on the website.

Remember, sessions do not have to be rehearsed, nor are you required to present with slides or other materials. While you may see some presenters come thus prepared, some of the best sessions consist of nothing more than spirited and intelligent discussion!

What should I present?

Whatever you want! You can be creative with your session content and format. We highly encourage it!

For instance, you could…

  • brainstorm an idea
  • solicit feedback on a design
  • organize a panel
  • present research findings
  • have a short workshop (or perhaps a longer one?)
  • set up a debate on a controversial topic
  • discuss solutions to a problem
  • gather people to discuss a common interest

Do I have to lead a session?

Of course not. Leading a session isn’t the only way to contribute to InfoCamp. We encourage everyone to ask questions, meet new people, and generally be an active InfoCamper!